Through her extensive research background Robin has learned the “tricks of the trade” and can retrieve the best in-depth information about your home.

We gather information from the following sources:

Interviews with individuals associated with the house, local and provincial archives, libraries, land registry offices, the city building permits department, newspapers, the web and other sources.

The Caerwent
HouseStory Book
Includes Chart and Scrapbook

An approximately 3000 word narrative about the history of your house and the surrounding neighbourhood. It also includes building permit (if available), newspaper citations, photographs, maps, land registry records, and a chart. All of this information is beautifully bound in hardcover format. You can also commission one of our artist’s renderingsĀ to beĀ put on the front of your book and that you get to keep (see pricing below).

$1789 (plus disbursements)

The Caerwent Scrapbook Includes Chart

Building permit (if available) newspaper articles, photographs, land registry document and any other pertinent documents found in the archives or online. It comes with our signature Caerwent Chart all put together in a scrapbook format.

$799 (plus disbursements)

The Caerwent Chart

Our signature Caerwent chart has detailed information about previous owners and occupants, including dates of purchase or occupancy of property. It includes birthdates, professions, and number of residents living in the house where available.

$550 (plus disbursements)



Additional Services
Artist’s Renderings A beautiful watercolor or sketch by artist Peter Liu. Can be used to place on the front cover of our books. Watercolor $450/sketch $350
Power-point Determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Caerwent HouseStories if interested in this format. email or call for pricing inquries:
Research In-depth research requested by the client beyond what is offered in regular packages. $200 per day
One-on-one Research Consultation Clients receive personalized instruction on how to research the history of their home. $75 per hour
Group Workshops We will come to your home or other venue, to teach up to ten people how to research and discover the history of their home. $250