What secrets does your house hold?

What house stories is your home hiding? Now you can find out! House historian, researcher and writer, Robin Burgoyne (MA, History), along with her Caerwent team, provide house and property research in the greater Toronto area. The team then create attractive, professional, engaging, and thoroughly researched products, tailored to your needs and interests.

Purchasing a Caerwent house-story will both satisfy your curiosity and foster a greater connection to your home. Our house-stories also make ideal gifts, to be treasured and enjoyed for years to come.

Caerwent can also provide valuable assistance to professionals who need research conducted on specific properties, for instance, real estate agents who need information in order to "beef up" a listing, or who would like to provide a unique house warming gift for their clients. Developers or archeologists who need assistance providing necessary information for government agencies can also benefit from from our research services.

Your commission will include

- an initial 45-minute meeting to determine your particular needs and interests
- regular reports on findings and consultations on the contents and look of the final product

We will find hidden information about your house through personal interviews, and by scouring local and provincial archives, libraries, land registry offices, city building permits departments, the web and other sources.

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